‘Floral Frocks’ Collection by OASIS.

I came across this collection in a local magazine recently. Well, I saw the below, amazing, ‘Lily Lane’ dress and searched and searched and searched and searched for it’s stockist… and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I’d also been into a local Oasis store, spoke to the manager, who opened up her ‘style file’, and the dress wasn’t anywhere to be seen. So I rang several other local stores, and low and behold, nobody knew anything about the collection, or my beautiful ‘Lily Lane’ dress! I say mine, because one day soon it will be:D SO the search went on…until I finally came across an article outlining the collection.

Firstly, the collection is due to touch down in stores, and online, ‘mid summer’, so who knows when that will be! (If you have any idea, please do let me know!).

-“Lily Lane”, 50s Prom Dress, £80.00, by OASIS.

All of the frocks are vintage inspired but designed with a contemporary twist; with the original inspiration coming from the Museum of Fashion Bath Spa.

-“Rose Riley” Bandeau Dress, £80.00

-“Violet Valentine” Sun Dress, £UNKNOWN.

-“Poppy Parker Jones” Sun Dress, £UNKNOWN.

All the dresses are simply charming, and rather beautiful indeed. The latter 2 ofcourse, are fabulous for hiding lumps and bumps. I’m definitely going to be buying the first two:D One for James’ Graduation, and the other for a friends wedding in July – perfect.

Until the collection launches, I thought the below offering from Oasis at the moment was really pretty; so feminine and flattering; but too long for little old me!

-Floral Print Rose Corsage Dress, from Oasis, £80.00

My only concern is that Oasis’ dresses are creeping up in cost! Since when was a pretty frock£80? scandalous! I will however dip into my purse for the two aforementioned, they are really nice afterall!

Visit http://www.oasis-stores.com

Ms. Judy Pink.


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6 responses to “‘Floral Frocks’ Collection by OASIS.

  1. Stephanie

    ARRRGH i want thisw dress too, have you had any luck?

  2. Stephanie

    The errr.. Lilly Lane one

  3. They’re launching this Monday! as I found in some press this week… BUT i rang Oasis to confirm, and apparently they dont get deliveries on mondays… PLUS this monday is a bank holiday! So who knows! Still going to head there on monday regardless, no harm trying!

    thanks for your comments stephanie:)


  4. I have just blown all my spare cash on the Poppy Parker Dress. It fits like a glove. I love it.

  5. The poppy parker looks lovely on! much nicer than in the pictures…

    I however am at a slight disappointment unfort! I managed to get the lily lane dress online, the day they launched, however, the sizes started at a 10. The 10 came and is MASSIVE. I was in london and desperately, DESPERATELY searched everywhere for an 8, but alas nothing, nowhere had a single 8! and even more strangely so, the north east STILL havent had the frocks in at all!! how strange?

    I’ve made a bond with a lovely assistant in the Grainger St branch of Oasis in Newcastle, and shes vowed to hold me an 8 when they finally come in, I hear on the grapevine that each store was only allocated one 8! typical! But seriously, in all the Oasis stores I’ve ever been to, the customer service in this particular store has always been exceptional. I might have to get them a thank you card if they pull this one out the bag, as it were!

    so fingers crossed again, by friday the graphics have to be up in store, so I’m presuming the frocks will be in store by then too!

    Ms Judy Pink.

  6. I’m actually going to be selling the Lily Lane dress in a size 8. I wore it once for a wedding – perfect for which of course. But its been sat in my wardrobe ever since!

    Send me your offers now! If not, I’ll be listing it on ebay.

    Ms. JP x

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