My new RIMFROST Lampshade.

-RIMFROST Pendant Lampshade.

We purchased this amazing lampshade last week from our local IKEA store in Gateshead; however, it is also available online. And at what a bargain price! Immense! I love IKEA.

DID YOU KNOW?…. you can actually purchase IKEA merch from online and have it delivered now? Unless you live in Scotland unfort. But hey-ho, the notion of being able to purchase all the items online too is so so convenient!

The lampshade was meant to be for our new bedroom, in our new flat, in London, when we finally move this August. However, we just couldnt leave it in the box and put it up as soon as we got home! I love it! It’s quite decadent for us, and screams 1970s opulence. It’s really really bright, and we use energy saving lightbulbs aswell, so bonus!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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13 responses to “My new RIMFROST Lampshade.

  1. Marie Bonello

    I’m in the US and Ikea doesn’t have this Rimfrost shade anymore. There are a lot available in the UK at stores, but not online. Any idea how I can get one???

  2. sam

    I bought one last yeatm but no need for it. If you are inytrated let me know.

  3. Hello all,

    We’ve just moved house and unfort for us, there are no hanging lights! Every single light we now have is a ceiling spotlight, so now this beautiful light is available to purchase from us!

    I can add it on eBay if this is easier, otherwise I’d expect payment via paypal! It’s in as new condition, and we’ve even got the original box. So get your offers in quick to avoid disappointment!

    Ms. JP xx

  4. Katie

    What other parts/pieces do you need withe the Rimfrost lampshade (to hang it from the ceiling)?

  5. Hello Katie,

    The lampshade hangs like a normal ceiling lampshade, you simply attach it under the screw off bulb attachment.

    Ms. J.P xx

  6. Judy,
    Is it still available? I’m very interested in purchasing it. Thanks! 🙂

  7. Hello Tabitha,

    this lampshade is indeed still available – would you like to make an offer?


    Ms. J.P

  8. I would! Of course, I live in the US … and I’d be more than happy to cover shipping. How about $25 plus shipping?

  9. aly

    still have the shade? if so email me at thanks

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