The Shoe Project: “GRACE” Premium Shoes, By TOPSHOP.

-“GRACE” Premium Shoes by TOPSHOP, £95.00

I purchased these shoes from the website a year gone Christmas; I’d barely worn them with them being 100% Leather, and the fact I WAS more like a size 4, and bought a size 3 (I impulse bought!) I have to be so so careful I don’t scrape the leather on these shoes, especially with them being white, but the leather is just SO soft, its mad. You definitely get what you pay for.

These days I’m more like a size 2 1/2 than even a size 3! So as it goes, these shoes are slightly too big for me now; but with a party feet gel pad in, they’re more comfortable and fit me like a glove. I adore them. They’re so so pretty and look really vintage-y. The cone heel is beautiful, really comfortable and very feminine.
I actually wore them to my London interview – I bet thats what swung the vote!

Ms. Judy Pink.



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Ms. Judy Pink.


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