The Shoe Project: “BITTEN” Wedges, By Sarah Jessica Parker.

-“BITTEN”, by Sarah Jessica Parker, Wedges, $10.

I bought these wedges as an impulse by aswell, from STEVE & BARRY’s, New York City, June 2007. I was completely baffled by the sizes and the launch was massive! Mrs SJP was signing at the event aswell so there was a horrendous amount of press and queues like you’ve never witnessed in your life before!

The wedges were an amazing $10! I really expected the prices to be sky-high, but like the slogan t-shirts said “Fashion is not a luxury”, EXCEPT, I know it is, YOU know it is, and hell, SHE knows its is;o

BUT STILL, I very much enjoyed her low budget fashion range. It’s wearable and beyond affordable. What is there to criticise?

Ms. Judy Pink.



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2 responses to “The Shoe Project: “BITTEN” Wedges, By Sarah Jessica Parker.

  1. Carlund Williams

    Where can you buy Sarah Jessica Parker Bitten Shoes. My daughter-in-lay has a pair and I love them.

  2. Sarah Jessica Parker is really very very beautiful specially during her younger years ;~”

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