GOLD: Giles Deacon for New Look, SS ’08.

I’ve selected a few of the more favorable items for the most recent collection… all of which I’ve seen online, and not a single one in my local store. I don’t think the last few collections sold well, and so with the launch last week (which coincided with the Kate Moss for TOPSHOP launch incidently…) my local New Look store in Eldon Sq got the collection again, except all the clothes look bedraggled, and in a word, ‘odd’. The quality isn’t there as it was with the very first collection (from which I purchased 2 dresses). There wasn’t an awful lot on offer either, and I suspect they head office just sent the ‘cheaper’ items to the store, thinking those were the items that would sell, but with a whole vera stand, fully stocked, obviously this wasn’t the case.

-GOLD by Giles, Chain detail vintage style scarf, £15.00


-GOLD by Giles, Grey Batwing Jumper, £18.00

-GOLD by Giles, Tonal Tiered Dress, £60.00

My favourite piece has to be the above pink dress. Its absolutely amazing, and I think it looks so much more expensive than it is; a real fashion statement. This time around however, there are no shoes I’m fond of, no bags, no accessories. Quite the disappointment! More so, that none of the items are available in my aforementioned store! Talk about frustration!

Also, I think I should probably add about the change of model for the campaign. Agyness Deyn, muse and model to Giles Deacon, replaces Drew Barrymore as the face of GOLD. There has been quite the hoo-har over the change of face, and indeed body; mostly due to the fact Giles chose Drew Barrymore on the basis of her being curvy, and could fill out the clothing range like a ‘normal’ female… a ‘normal’ female purchasing from the highstreet. And there lies our debacle. Aggy, is not ‘normal’, shes nearly 6 ft’ and has a 26″ (or probably smaller!) waist. While the clothes hang nicely on her frame, she certainly is not the shape of a New Look shopper to say the least! In saying that I suppose you could say, ‘well, kate moss isn’t the best person to use in the promotion of her own clothing line at TOPSHOP!’, except, she is! She’s more curvy than Aggy, and well, she genuinely wears her own range, aswell as TOPSHOPs own buy range… and yes it’s true, we do get a lot of Kate Moss-esque females through our doors, buying our gear… this can hardly be said for New Look. AND might I add, this is not me defending a size zero woman in any shape or form rofl. I’m merely suggesting that Aggy does not fit the ‘stereotype’ of a New Looker. Do not blast me for that. Thank you!

For now, I’ll be sticking to the Giles label alone.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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