The Shoe Project: “SARAH” Shoes by TOPSHOP, RE-ISSUED!

-“SARAH” Shoes by TOPSHOP, in Offwhite, £60.00

Yes it is true, the SARAH shoes are back online, that doesn’t mean to say they’ll be available in stores however, it might just be that the men at the warehouse found some on the back shelves and their back in stock online! These things ACTUALLY happen! I’d definitely snap them up before they sell out, they sold out in my store within 2 days. They were that much in demand! But nevertheless, do keep checking back to your store to see if they’ve had an odd delivery of them. But do be aware we don’t know what stock we’re getting in advance, we literally know the night before when we print off the delivery note to make space in our stockrooms for the impending delivery the next morning.

In addition, the girls on the Hollyoaks TV Advert wear these shoes, in the offwhite (above) as opposed to the NUDE version that were in stores… so they’ve definitely had some exposure via Channel 4 anyway.

Have a gander at the below promo for the Channel 4 show, you’ll probably recognise all the shoes, as Shoes By TOPSHOP:)


The Shoe Project.
T-Bar Shoes.
A Cheaper Solution to Vivienne Westwoods Pirate Boots.

Chanel Inspires Topshop.

Woven Shoe Trend.


“Lollipop” Shoes by Topshop.
“Shuffle” Shoes by Topshop.

“James” Shoes by TOPSHOP.

Dip Dyed Shoes.
“ROSA” Platforms by TOPSHOP.


Ms. Judy Pink.

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