Burberry Television Advert: “THE BEAT”.

-Model, and to an extent, dancer, Agyness Deyn in the new televisual delight that is “The Beat”, advertising age old Burberry.

Finally, Thomas Burberrys is ‘cool’ again and has its perfect niche back.

FINGERS CROSSED and TOUCH WOOD, that the old 90s image of the brand doesn’t EVER come back. See the horrendous sight that is Chav and a half, Daniella Westbrook and her poor daughter, head to toe in Burberry. What an awful sight to behold. Although you can’t see it on the below photograph, she actually had a Burberry pram and baby bag set to boot. Absolutely horrific.

It’s absolutely no wonder the brand got such a poor reputation for a several years – especially with the replications of hat and scarves hitting markets and ‘cheapo shops’. The worst offenders ofcourse being ‘chavs’ and those elf proclaimed ‘football hooligans’ wearing their imitation baseball caps and thrusting their lager cans in the air. horrendous.

But ofcourse, this is by the by now, I’m thoroughly pleased that Aggy has taken over Kate as the face of Burberry, and brought in people like Patrick Wolf to boot. Excellent stuff.

The music accompanying the advert is by indiepoppers The Fratellis, shame they didnt pick a tune by the Paddingtons really…

Long reign Queen Aggy!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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