The Shoe Project:”ROSA” Platform Sandals by TOPSHOP.

-“ROSA” Platform Sandal in Black, by TOPSHOP, £60.00.

-“ROSA” Platform Sandal in Blush, by TOPSHOP, £60.00.

These ROSA shoes also come in a Cherry Red, tres sexy:) I think I might have to purchase the ‘blush’ colour for a wedding I’m going to in July… I think they’d go perfectly with a floaty floral feminine dress. MMM alliteration central! hehe. Both the blush and black colours are available in most stores and online at


The Shoe Project.
T-Bar Shoes.
A Cheaper Solution to Vivienne Westwoods Pirate Boots.

Chanel Inspires Topshop.

Woven Shoe Trend.


“Lollipop” Shoes by Topshop.
“Shuffle” Shoes by Topshop.

“James” Shoes by TOPSHOP.

Dip Dyed Shoes.

Ms. Judy Pink.


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2 responses to “The Shoe Project:”ROSA” Platform Sandals by TOPSHOP.

  1. amanda

    hi im getting married in august and my dress is blush any ideas on what colours would go nice with it for the bridesmaids dresses i was thinking cream or gold wat do you think ????

  2. Hello Amanda.

    Congratulations on the wedding! Your dress sounds lovely, and very unique!

    Cream and Gold are classic, and won’t age in photographs. So both would be a great choice. However, you could also look at more summery pastel colours with it being a summer wedding; colours such as Coral, Lilac or maybe Yellow might be nice. But again, if you are wanting to keep it simple and classic, cream would certainly be my first choice, followed by the gold:) or both!

    Let me know how you get on!:)

    Ms J.P x

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