Friday 21st March 2008.

Toothbrush Print 100% Silk Tulip Skirt, £50.00.

Well, lets start with the good before I go onto the bad with this stunning skirt…I WAS going to buy this skirt today. The fit is fantastic, and really flattering. The colourway is lovely, you’ve got loads of colour there to pick out and team together your shoes, accessories or cardigan with. In addition, most figures can carry off the Tulip shape as it hides a multitude of sins, what better?! I looked great with my Star Wars Vintage T-Shirt and oversized long cardigan, and t-bars after work today.

Right so unfort, onto the negatives…WELL, I hadn’t mentioned the pricepoint, which comes in at £50.00, justify it, how?! ALSO, with it being 100% SILK, this skirt is Dry Clean Only, so after a few wears you’ll end up spending a fortune on Dry Cleaning Costs. The thing is, I’d actually wear it as an everyday skirt, like one I have similar, from uniform this time last year actually (except thats Cotton and costed a whopping £28!), so obviously, the skirt would be prone to more wear and tear issues, so no, theres no justifying the pricetag and cleaning costs…In addition, the skirt is on the ‘cream label’ from TOPSHOP, which means its in limited edition and probably won’t be in stores for long; but it also means that you know loads of people won’t be wearing it when your out and about! BUT do not let that put you off:) This skirt is still amazing and the best I’ve seen in that style, so far!

This skirt is available in stores and online at

Romantic Frill Dress from TOPSHOP.


Ms. Judy Pink.


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