Kate Moss for TOPSHOP: The Launch, Today, Tuesday 18th March.

Since my previous post on the range, Here , the range has launched….

I didn’t manage to have a look at the range, DESPITE being at work all day today – but I have to say, its realllly disappointing from looking at the TOPSHOP.com website.

The preview image showed the ‘Top Five’ items…

I really liked the look of the embroidered dress, 2nd left. But the dress looks really shapeless and much whiter on the website. I would have preferred it to look like the above image really, it looks much more vintage-y and quirky. The dress below looks rather like a dress from H&M to be honest, and with that in mind, theres no justification for the £60.00 pricetag.

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP Embroidered Tunic Dress, £60.00.
As far as I’m aware this tunic dress didn’t even come into stores this morning;I have a feeling it’s going to be a repeat of the Spotty One-Shoulder Dress from the very first collection… where we only got a few sizes in each colour, and they leapt from the shopfloor as fast as they came in, leaving everyone sitting on eBay for hours on end!

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, Daisy Print Tea Dress, £60.00

As for this dress, as always, it looks wonderful on Kate, and especially so in Ibizan sunshine! But as before, it looks cheap and not work 60notes. Infact, I’d go as far as to liken it to Primark!

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, Yellow 50s Style Dress, £45.00.

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, Aqua 50s Style Dress, £45.00

Now this dress I REALLY like and hope its in work tomorrow still. I’m torn between the Aqua and the Yellow though! Which to go for! They’re both lovely and perfect for a Summer Wedding I’m attending! I can’t decide at all, I don’t have a single dress thats Yellow, or Aqua, so I need an informed decision I think…

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, “IBIZA” Sandal, £25.00

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, “IBIZA” Sandal, £25.00

These sandals are really good value for £25.00, they’re 100% leather and will go with everything. At least theyre on par with Topshop anyway.

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, ‘Top Hat Tee’, £20.00

-Kate Moss for TOPSHOP, Spotty Bandeau Dress, £150.00

Yes you read right, £150.00 for the above dress! I don’t understand why, apart from it probably being from her Limited Collection (around 250 pieces are made and that is it… each piece is numbered). But STILL. I can guarantee that ASOS.com will have a copy in the next couple of weeks….

I’m quite attracted to this print, for some reason… I’d probably wear this t-shirt if not for the low cut neck line, I much prefer round higher collars.

I shall indeed have a good look at the collection tomorrow in ‘real life’ and hopefully my doubts will be reversed! But as a customer be aware you are limited to purchases through the range; one item, in one size, from each category. In other words, you can only get one dress for example, in one size; this is to reduce the amount of items ending up on eBay for instance, and to be fair to all customers, considering the limited amount of sizes available in stores.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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