The Shoe Project: “Shuffle” T-Bar Shoes by TOPSHOP.

-“Shuffle” in Light Grey, by TOPSHOP, £60.00. (Also available in Raspberry).

Firstly, I want to look at the price-point of these new shoes – its slightly overpriced, even by Topshops standards; and especially since the prices had gone down too. Rather disappointing indeed!

But thats by-the-by…

I love these shoes, they’re reminiscent of some I got once before on uniform called “SHOLA”. Its nice to see a ‘pretty’ and somewhat ‘delicate’ shoe in comparison to all the clumpy and designer inspired platforms available at the moment. In comparison however though, the heel on this shoe is rather thick, which offers support and comfort; as does the T-Bar strap. The leather on these shoes is amazing, its slightly oily to touch which is unusual.

These shoes look great with pretty dresses and edgy skirts.


The Shoe Project.

T-Bar Shoes.

A Cheaper Solution to Vivienne Westwoods Pirate Boots.

Chanel Inspires Topshop.

Woven Shoe Trend.


Lollipop Shoes by Topshop.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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