The Shoe Project: “Lollipop” Shoes by TOPSHOP.

-‘LOLLIPOP’, by TOPSHOP, in Pisactio Green. £60.00.

-‘LOLLIPOP’, by TOPSHOP, in Blush. £60.00.

-‘LOLLIPOP’, by TOPSHOP, in Taupe. £60.00.

I absolutely love these lace up platforms. They look amazing on! I imagine they’ll be extremely fabulous in Summer too! The look fantastic with skinny jeans, but also with think black tights and a pretty 1940s tea-dress. I’m sure they’ll look superb with bare legs also, unfort, I’m just not that brave! hehe.


The Shoe Project.

T-Bar Shoes.

A Cheaper Solution to Vivienne Westwoods Pirate Boots.

Chanel Inspires Topshop.

Woven Shoe Trend.


Ms. Judy Pink.


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3 responses to “The Shoe Project: “Lollipop” Shoes by TOPSHOP.

  1. su

    omgggg i went to buy the blush coloured one todayy but there was only one left and they couldnt find the other pair to ittt do you know where i could find one ???

  2. Olivia

    Does anyone know where these shoes can be purchased?, because they are no longer available at TopShop, and I am hopeless devoted to them!

    • Omg………I have the taupe one which I bought about 2 mos. ago,I’m in the US and they were $9.99 in the Penney’s Outlet store. Not sure if that’s any help…… could E=mail them.I’m into vintage,plus my website has vintage stuff 🙂

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