The Shoe Project: “James” Double Buckle Shoes by TOPSHOP.

-“JAMES”, Double Buckle Heel, (Black), by TOPSHOP, £55.00.

-“JAMES”, Double Buckle Heel, (Tan), by TOPSHOP, £55.00.

*Also available in NAVY.*

I don’t understand why these shoes aren’t selling in my store. I think I’ve sold literally 2 pairs since they arrived a few weeks ago. The heel height is perfect and they look so pretty with dresses and along with jeans. Theyre perfect for wearing for a dinner-date, going dancing, or even just wandering around the shops! So please buy these lovely shoes…. and unusually, they have a male name! (TOPSHOP shoes always take female names/object names, ie, Lollipop or Shuffle). Coincidently, my beautiful fiance is called James, I think thats why I’m so connected….


The Shoe Project.

T-Bar Shoes.

A Cheaper Solution to Vivienne Westwoods Pirate Boots.

Chanel Inspires Topshop.

Woven Shoe Trend.


“Lollipop” Shoes by Topshop.

“Shuffle” Shoes by Topshop.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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