Snake Print.

I’ve come across a lot of Snake Prints over the past week or so, so I thought it would be really fitting to write about my latest, and most favouritest (is that even a word? i think not!) find…

The wonderfully feminine and floaty Snake Print Skirt, from TOPSHOP, £40.

This skirt is absolutely divine, I’d personally wear it more casual, to work probably… with a cool vintage tee tucked in and a cardigan thrown over the top, and some cutesy t-bar for abit of height. BUT I really think it would work smartened up with a lovely blouse and some killer heels… bring on the RIVA2’s;o

The skirt is a very cool sheer fabric, layered, with a ribbon waistband and zip and hook fastening.

With the skirt being on the ‘cream label’ (which means these items are Limited Edition) be very quick into stores and online; because when its gone, its gone!

Available in stores and online at

Ms. Judy Pink.

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