The Shoe Project: T-Bar Shoes.

So for this post I’m giving an idea of the T-Bar shoes I own, and love. T-bar’s are fantastic, the offer a little bit more support with the straps, than you get with normal shoes; and whats more, they’re totally this season! I really like the mid-height ones with pretty Tea-Dresses for a circa 1940s feel, or team a super high pair with your favourite skinny jeans a la Kate Moss!


SUZIE – RED, from TOPHOP, £55.

I’ve had these shoes re-heeled a dozen times! I’ve literally worn them out, but they’re still the comfiest pair of shoes I’ve ever bought, I just wish I’d bought them in all the colours when we had them in at work! But thats sod’s law for you! Thats why they sold out so quickly, the comfort factor. They have a lovely sized heel and the colourways were really good. In fact, these shoes match my Vivienne Westwood bag PERFECTLY! (see below!)

-Top of the Eiffel Tower in Suzies and complete with my Vivienne Westwood bag.


-Loves young dream… of perhaps just our feet! The concrete outside Moulin Rouge.


SAMIA – Cobalt. TOPSHOP, £55.

These are my ‘Paris Shoes’, bought specially for our romantic trip to Paris! These shoes sold out like wildfire – so I’m tremendously glad I bought them when I did. The colour is beautiful, and goes with much more than I would have thought. Also, the gold buckle detail to the front gives a uniqueness to the shoe. With wear, these shoes have grown more character and have a real vintage feel, very 1940s chic!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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10 responses to “The Shoe Project: T-Bar Shoes.

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  4. LW

    Great shoes! I have been trying myself to find the elusive comfort factor and had considered heel size, stability but not the T-Bar element – so thanks for this!

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  8. Ebony

    wow, i really want some red t-bars exactly like that, but they dont sell ’em anymore in topshop, and they’re hard to find elsewhere.

  9. Farzana

    OH MY GOD! Those red shoes are the ONES I want! I can’t get hold of them anywhere! IF you can get them for me, I’d be eternally grateful! Plus pay you for them!

  10. sorry but the red suzies were from high summer 07. you’ll never get them now i’m afraid. it was difficult enough to get them at the time! i had to get a 4 instead of a 3 to compensate!

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