I’m going to London… again!

Well, I’ve finally got a weeks-worth of freelance writing sorted in London, in May!

I booked my train tickets last night and can’t wait! It’s so exciting! This will be my first professional freelancing placement, and where better to begin than the most prestigious fashion website in the world!?!?!

And even better, I didn’t look for them – they came to me. It just proves that people actually do read your CV when you email it around, and they do actually pass your details onto people who they feel could benefit from your skills. I think I’ve been very lucky so far – but it also pays to stand out from the crowd!

Next Stop…

Ms. Judy Pink.


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2 responses to “I’m going to London… again!

  1. simonelli

    How exciting! I’ve been a Londoner all my life and I’m still excited by it. I actually worked for a few weeks on Drapers Record magazine in the design department. What a fragrant experience that was!

  2. Thats really interesting; thanks for commenting:)

    I really really REALLY cannot wait to move and be in that bustle every single day; I swear the excitement will never run thin!

    Ms. Judy Pink.

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