Vivienne Westwood: “Touch Wood” Necklace.

-“Touch Wood” pendant, £70.

This unique New Spring/Summer 08 ‘Touch Wood’ Pendant features a Silver round disc with a piece of Wood and ‘Touch Wood’ engraved around the bottom. There is also a Mini 3D Gold plated Orb on the chain which can be moved around.

Rhodium Plated. Made in UK

Measures- Chain Length-52CM, Disc-2.5CM”

Well, anyone who knows me, knows how superstitious I am, about everything! I say “touch wood” around 5 times a day, AT LEAST. So when I saw the new Vivienne Westwood ‘Touch Wood’ necklace, I knew instantly, “THATS BLATANTLY MADE FOR ME!”

This wondrous offering from the Spring/Summer 08 range is currently only available online, via the official website and is priced at a demure £70! bargain!

The only thing I’d change about this necklace however, is that I’d have used a full 3D orb as the pendant (as seen below); and subsequently, have the “Touch Wood” lettering around the orb’s sphere; rather than using a flat piece of silver. I think it would have been more visually appealing, and more to Vivienne Westwoods signature style; despite the small gold orb being attached in addition. What do you think?! Would it look better as a 3D orb, or is the above, just as nice?!?!?!

-Orb Locket, £190.

So thats another item to add to my “to buy list”, crikey, this list is going to be never ending! Bring on pay-day!

Ms. Judy Pink.


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8 responses to “Vivienne Westwood: “Touch Wood” Necklace.

  1. Adwokat Opole, porady prawne Opole

  2. thats EXACTLY what I was thinking aswell…

  3. bobby blue

    You mean you would have liked a wooden orb? As you point out the price is excellent and there are lots of other orb pendants around. This piece is making a different statement, mixing the gold, silver and wood and playing with the scale of the parts. I like how that image shows it with the clasp, they all begin to look like charms.

    I ordered one today!


  4. I would have liked a silver orb, with the touch wood around the rings of the orb, if you get me?! Not sure how or where i’d get that small piece of wood in though!

    Anyway this is by the by – my boyfriend took me to the Newcastle store last night after work and we bought me it, I absolutely LOVE it. I will endeavour to write a blog later on this evening about my ingenius purchase!

    Ms. Judy Pink

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  6. 0909mii

    maybe i know where to get the “Orb Locket, £190” ?
    i dun know where to buy it from .. = =

  7. 0909mii

    i mean MAY i know where to get the “Orb Locket, £190″ ?
    i dun know where to buy it from .. =))

  8. Luke

    hi 0909mii,

    you can buy this necklace from any Vivienne Westwood store, or

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