Head over Heels for RIVA2’s from TOPSHOP.

Well, these shoes are TOTALLY not me. I normally wear heels, but mid height, never higher! Unless its a special occasion… and I know I won’t be on my feet all night (unless ofcourse I’m going to be too drunk to notice the burning and sting and constant pain in the balls of my feet!!)

But that aside, I got these shoes in my delivery last week, and absolutely fell ‘head over heels’ for these shoes. They look much much nicer on to be honest, but I think you’ll agree theres a certain artistic quality about them just from the above picture really! The purple is much more purple in real life actually, its a beautiful purple infact.

I think they look much more expensive than the £65 price tag Topshop offers too; they have a certain Kurt Geiger-ness about them too.

Well, I intend to wear them tomorrow evening to my Engagement Party, I shall report on how much pain they caused on Tuesday I suppose! Despite the massive 6″ heel, I dont think they’ll be THAT painful really; the platform contours at the front and it makes for a more natural walk anyway.

You can purchase these beauts from most TOPSHOP Stores/Concessions and aswell as on TOPSHOP.com

They also come in a Sea-Green, Offwhite (with brown heel), and Offwhite (with silver heel).

A definite investment I think! But what do you think?? 

Ms. Judy Pink.

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