My Red Label, Patent Red, Vivienne Westwood Tote.

This is my favourite bag at the minute:)

You may, or may not, recognise it as the red version of the one metrosexual fashion stylist, Gok Wan campily carries around with him!:)

She’s a massive bag, which I find very difficult to fill:) To be honest, I worry I’ll overfill it actually, and then the handles will snap, but thats another story in itself I suppose!

It was priced at £220, which is a bargain… BUT low and behold, after much deliberation, I finally decided on Christmas Eve to purchase it! BUT not before checking out the Hervia website (, where I found the Online Sale had already started, and saw my bag in the sale for £170!! BONUS I thought, until I remembered there was one left in our Newcastle store, and that I had work at 8am on the morning the sale was beginning (28th December). SO I sent James along with my friends Christie and Adam, and they got in the queue for the store opening… they were first:P Within 15 minutes, the queue streamed along the street, and round, and past Waterstones!! Good job they got there and hour early! Anyway, to cut the long story short, the staff opened the doors and the queue surged forward, James, Christie and Adam, grabbing every single bag in sight, JUST INCASE. James found my red bag and pulled it from the shelf, leaving a girl in TEARS, actual TEARS! horrendous! Anyway, Christie had a loyalty discount voucher and got the bag for a mere £128 in the end! How amazing is that?!

So it does pay to wait a while for the bag of your dreams:) I’m glad I did!

Below is a few places my bag has been since December…

Swinging around lampposts in Jesmond, Newcastle.

Hotel rooms in Paris.

Infront of Babyshambles posters in the RER, Paris.

The Louvre Museum, Paris.

Notre Dame, Paris.

Snapped by Paparrazi, Newcastle.

Top of the Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Getting proposed to by my lovely Fiance, James, The Eiffel Tower, Paris.



Ms. Judy Pink.

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