The best Japanese eBay listing… EVER!

I simply had to blog this eBay listing; I absolutely CREASED! I was just browsing some Vivienne Westwood merch and came across this amazing Japanese listing! I kid you not, this is a genuine eBay listing! The link to the actual listing is below…


We are shop [JIMU] of Japan.

We have a lot of items!(about10,000items?I?j
[COMMEdesGARCONS], [yohji yamamoto], [ViVienne Westwood],
[JEAN PAUL GAULTIER], [JAPAN costume play] etc…

The postage is free of charge. (more than 66GBP)

We can send it from Japan anywhere in the world.

If there is an item which you are looking for, please let us know.
We send to this ebayID.

Although we feel very sorry, returned goods refuse.
[Shipment method]EMS

[State of goods] There is some feeling of use.
It has with the four corners of a bottom, and rubs the root neighborhood of a hand, and there is a crack.

[Color] Pink system

[Material] Leather

[Comment] This is the frill leather plain back of ViVienne Westwood.
It is a dead stock.
However, even now, it is very popular.
The leather with high-quality it is used.
It is a precious rare item.
How is it at this opportunity?

[Size] W7.2in(18.5 cm)xH5.9in(15 cm)xD2.9in(7.5cm)



See the listing for yourself here….clicky hy0r ;o

FIRSTLY, what the hell does “root neighborhood of a hand” mean?!!?! and rofl at the colour, “pink system”, I do wonder what other colours there are in the system colour palette!? I bet they’re wondrous!

and howling at, ” It has with the four corners of a bottom”, and my thoughts exactly…. “How is it at this opportunity?”

eee you REALLY see some hilarious listings on eBay, I’d love to know what translators people use. I think I’d have hours of fun playing with them:)

Ms. Judy Pink.


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2 responses to “The best Japanese eBay listing… EVER!

  1. eee, I went on the eBayers other items and this is the first listing I read next…

    “[Comment] This is a skirt appropriate for COMMEdesGARCONS.
    It is special draping.
    It is doubled by it.
    It does not think by other brands.
    It is because it is a design which becomes a skirt and a jacket dress.
    It is a very popular item.

    The wear picture on the right-hand side of [ of a picture ] the 1st sheet turns into a reference picture of the whole goods.
    (In practice, a head does not pass.)

    The 1st sheet and the left-hand side of the 2nd sheet are a double skirt.
    A center is the style of a dress.

    The right-hand side of the 2nd sheet is the style of a kimono.

    How is it at this opportunity?”

    I think it certainly speaks for itself!!!

    Now tell me, would you purchase any items from this seller??

    J.P x

  2. That’s too funny! What kind of a bottom has four corners?? Gotta love Babel Fish.

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