Lily Cole and the Limited Collection at M&S.

Many dislike Lily Cole as a model, citing that she looks too much like a “demonic porcelain doll”, or liken her to “that alien off the Playstation adverts”. I however, disagree, I find her beautiful. Shes curvy, she has amazingly beautiful hair, she has amazing skin; in a word she’s a ‘proper English rose’. AND to top it off, she’s a model student aswell! How does she manage it?? Beats me!

Well, I looked at the Limited Collection ‘Look Book’, on my train journey to London last Monday, and took a liking to a few pieces from the collection; namely, the £7.50 straw trilby hat. SO, after my interview, I wandered to the Marks and Spencer on Oxford St. I asked about said trilby and was directed to several assistants, one who told me the hat was from an outside company altogether and wouldn’t be sold in stores/online. HOW RUDE! It’s printed in black and white, and in VOGUE, that the hat is part of the collection! sheesh! I wish shop assistants would do their research before coming out with such drivel!


‘Fine and Dandy’.

Anyway, I’ve come to my own conclusion that the hat is part of the Summer range which will be hitting store shortly… my names top of the list for that one!

I also really quite like the look of the below dress….

parisian dress

‘Parisian Poise’.

It’s £59.50, but is a beautiful shape and has that classic styling that wont go out of fashion…BUT, how does it look on a normal M&S model? Frankly, not so good (the .gif file wont upload, so check it out HERE!) So I’ll be back to M&S this week to see how it fits exactly; and to see about my hat!!

Another nice-ish dress, is the ‘flirty floral’ one, again priced at £59.50. I’ll have to see that in the store aswell, not sure its worth nearly £60 mind…

Tell me what you think about the Sailor Girl collection, by Limited Collection, at Marks and Spencer.

Ms. Judy Pink.



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2 responses to “Lily Cole and the Limited Collection at M&S.

  1. Anirak

    I agree…this girl is amazingly gorgeous.

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