I got the job!! The documentation on the big move begins!


I found out on Friday that I got the position for Buyers Admin Assistant! The lovely lady said there was interest from a few brands, but they wanted to put me forward for Topshop! There isn’t a position for a dept yet (obviously the programme is a year long one, so other BAA’s are still in progression), but that works out well for everyone; as we can’t move until James finishes his final year… and graduates. So it’ll be arouns the beginning of August when we make our big move to the BIG SMOKE!

I have to say, I can hardly contain myself. I’m beyond excited, and it is a massive relief to have a job lined up ready for when we move down… and such a sought after position! ha. I am the win!

I’m really looking forward to beginning the job, finding my feet, and getting ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

SO, with that in mind, I’m going to document the process, FROM NOW, from moving from our Northern roots to our new London base. Obviously this will include lots of stress and photographs:) What not to do, what to look out for, and how to stay sane:)

eeee excited as!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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