Alexa Chung and Pearl Lowe for MADE.

Alexa Chung and Pearl Lowe have both created a small range for jewellery company, MADE. MADE accessories are designed to be worn for their beauty as well as their fair trade background. And that’s what sets them apart.

As they state on their website…

made is about fabulous accessories
made is not a charity
made is about empowering developing communities
made is unique

These aren’t empty statements. They’re simple facts.

Alexa has created a Skull collection. Prices start at £25.
























Pearl has designed a Floral inspired collection. Prices start at £15.

Both collections will be available from Monday 25th February for Fair Trade fortnight.

MADE offer an online service from their website,, but other stockists include TOPSHOP, Sainsburys and othe Independant stores, stalls and Boutiques (see the Stockists section of the website!)

Ms. Judy Pink.

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