My very first London Interview.

So on Monday (18th), I traveled all the way back down to London, again, this time by an all expenses paid train. A very early start again though, had to get up at 4.45am! horrendous!

James walked to the station to wave me off, I was distraught, I REALLY don’t know how people do those ‘long distance relationships’. I felt absolutely heartbroken. But this is by the by.

I arrived in Kings Cross, armed with my Oyster Card, at 10.50am. I had a wander round Oxford Circus, had some lunch… and then headed to Great Castle St for my interview!

It began with a briefing… and then a group exercise, which I surprisingly enjoyed! Then a face-to-face interview. I was told it would last no longer than 10 minutes… 25 minutes later we’re still talking!!

So from my point of view it went really well. I was pleased with my performance any road! I was told I’d hear within 5 working days… so I’m hoping by the end of tomorrow I should know, but it’ll be Monday at the latest I’m guessing!

I met up with Kelly again, we had a Starbucks, and then I had a mad dash to Kings Cross again! WHERE I was RUDELY blanked by an ex-tutor from Northumbria. I don’t suppose she’d want to speak to anyone off our course ever again to be fair though! Out of her own embarrassment and lack of respect you understand. 

I haven’t heard back from any of the other places yet. sadly:(

So fingers crossed! I shall keep thee updated!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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One response to “My very first London Interview.

  1. loulou


    I see you had a job interview at Arcadia, do you mind if I ask what it entailed and what was asked?
    When do you start?
    I am applying for similar positions, its tough huh! I have only heard from a few places and have a graduate interview lined up next week – scary!
    Any help would be great xx

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