Lie Down I Think I Love You.

Lie Down I Think I Love You is a fabulous company who specialise in very special leather handbags. From clutches to day bags, all come complete with a beautiful vintage designer neck scarf attached in a beautiful bow. I’ve seen the original vintage scarves range from Lanvin to Mary Quant.

The bags start at £85-£120.

The bags aren’t new; I’ve lusted after them for ages! We had one returned from Oxford Circus (Topshop stocked her concession for a while!), but without a tag/price, it could not be resold! 😦 boo-hoo indeed!

ASOS.COM had some a while back, at massively reduced price of £20! Unfort I wasn’t quick enough to snap one up! BUT if anyone finds a place to get these gem’s for a reduced price, then do let me know! I’m desperate for one!

Ms. Judy Pink.



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8 responses to “Lie Down I Think I Love You.

  1. These bags are stil available on a website called Perilla, if you just google “lie down I think I love You” it will come up first! Alternatively, I am an independent handbag designer and do a bow bag, leather bows on Good luck in your search, Karina

  2. Tanja

    Hi there. These bas are aailable at now 🙂

  3. yes they’ve been available since April. but aren’t of the same style; or price range for that matter! Topshop Oxford Circus continue to sell the original range, for the same unfortunate full price. damn!

  4. AlexS

    What was the reduced price then on ASOS? I bought my one from Topshop for £85, with ASOS stocking the same bag last year for £120.

    Forgive me if I am wrong, but I thought the Oxford Circus Topshop still stocked them…they had a massive range when I last visited which was a couple of months ago.

  5. The reduced price on ASOS was £29, from £120.

    As I mentioned in the post just above yours, Topshop Oxford Circus ARE still stocking the original bags at the original prices of £85-£120.


  6. Just noticed that ASOS have got their Lie Down I Think I Love You bags back into their latest sale; priced between £60-£84.

    Good Luck getting one!

    Ms. Judy Pink

  7. bag girl

    i just had a look at your site karina i love it and do suggest you all have a look, do you make them?

    • Hi, thank youfor the positive comments, yes I do make them all myself in my dining room! I jused to have a leather clothing business in the 80’s but prefer to work on my own now as I have got very insular in my old age and just like to sit sewing in my pyjamas all day!! Cheers, Karina

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