London Wednesday 13th Feb-Friday 15th Feb.

Well well well, I will begin with saying that I will NEVER, EVER EVER, EVER, get on another Megabus in my life… even if my life depends on it!

– The Megabus, A.K.A the ‘HellBus’.


After 10 minutes, Jennifer and I were ready to cry… then we were ready to get off the bus at Scotch Corner and either WALK home and hitch a ride. The bus didn’t stop at Scotch Corner in the end, so we decided to just see how far we could get. We were sad, and I thought the man sat on my right was an actual mental. He was erratic, RUDE, constantly twitching, constantly grunting, constantly ‘checking something’ in side his rucksack. hmmm. My thoughts exactly. SO after Wakefield, Jen and I got a seat together, she slept the rest of the way… I did not. THEREFORE, I had been awake exactly 24 hours by the time we got to Victoria Station. SHATTERED does not cut it!

We met Kelly at Liverpool St,then headed to South Kensington so I could head to LFW!

-Outside the BFC EXHIBITION Tent.

-My London Fashion Week ACTUAL Pass!!!!! 😀

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed with what I found, I think I would have been more open minded had I had SOME sleep! For September, I will definitely have my placement sorted, and will definitely gain more experience and knowledge! and get more pictures! damn pass!

-Two interesting Gypsy girls. Poseurs springs to mind;o

-Homelessness on the streets of Kensington.

I was truly mystified and saddened by the contrast of the 100 meters between what was going on at the Natural History Museum and outside the V&A.

As Kelly lives off Brick Lane we wandered down the amazing street a few times a day. We passed the Rough Trade shop and found this…

The Banksy Car🙂 I was best impressed. I’m an avid Banksy fan.

THURSDAY 14th FEB – Valentines Day.

Jennifer and I did some touristy things, I took her to visit the Queen for instance… and Hamleys was a barrel of laughs. We had then planned in drinks in Soho and off to Smash and Grab… however, after queuing for over an hour in -10 temperatures, we sacked it off in order to find some bars. We ended up in one bar, we ended up with a few randoms… trying to pull, with it being Valentines an’ all. I just flashed my ring though:) bonus! Then we had a guy come over, who was convinced I was Pixie Geldof. hilarious! We didnt correct him. I couldnt tell if it was a compliment or not…?? I cant say we look all that much alike to be honest!

can you spot a resemblance? at all?! nah, me neither!

We had wine and CHAMPAGNE bought for us!

Then we went to G-A-Y…. but for some reason you need a membership? who knows. We were ready for our beds anyway!


We over slept majorly. I had a bad hangover… and well, we needed to prepare for our dreaded journey back! The journey back was horrendous. My ipod ran out of battery… I couldnt get any radio stations on my phone…i felt too sick to read my magazines and there was a group of school children who were from a special needs school. so again, i did not sleep. not a wink. Got back to Newcastle at 11pm, and walked home. James surprised me with a dozen roses when I got home:)

Then well, if you read my previous blog, you’ll know what happened next! Bloody As You Like It, horrendous.

For now…

Ms. Judy Pink.

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