Long time no types…

Once again, it has been a very very long time since I last typed on here. DESPITE making the New Years resolution to keep up with it. I fail. However, I begin a new slate, again, and vow to keep this blog up to date with my career prospects, plans, adventure etc… anything I believe someone else may benefit from… anything I think I will benefit from I suppose!

WELL, a quick update from October to the present day, Monday 11th February…


James and I visited our beautiful capital city once again and as always had a whale of a time. Lots of drunken stumbles, especially down the stairs of London Bridge Tube for instance! We had a fantabulous time at the Queens of Noizes’ clubnight, Smash & Grab @ Punk; danced away with Steffi, then went to her DJ night at Jodie Harsh’s Circus on the Friday in SoHo. We then came home to Halloween and made magical pumpkins.

walks on the thames
– Lovely walks:)

me and stef @ smash & grab!
– Me and Steffi @ Smash & Grab.

Bonfire Night was great. We had Lori & Zak and Christie & Adam round for fireworks and drinks and BBQ food. We had hilarious sparklers and silly fountain fireworks! Not long after Bonfire Night we couldn’t resist getting our wonderful Christmas Tree and decorations out, so by the 2nd week of November we had an official Christmas House once again…. well, the shops had theirs up in September! So we were well and truly in the Christmas spirit! On the 23rd, Kelly Leoine Young and myself went to see Babyshambles at the Metro Radio Arena, I got a Press Pass and died on the spot. I was horrendous to say the least!

press pass

-Photo Press Pass @ Babyshambles.

christmas robins

-Christmas Robins we bought for our tree and balcony!


December 3rd saw the annual Topshop Christmas Party carnage, this year we pwnd the Quayside. There were tears and tantrums, mental dancing, and I ruined my beautiful taffeta dress:'( boo! (that reminds me, I must get to the drycleaners!) December ofcourse brings the Christmas shopping

rush… working in Topshop, each day just gets busier and busier and busier and it doesn’t ever calm till Feb! honest! So the rest of December was spent working my feet off on my Shoe Dept. We had an early Christmas at home, which was lovely. We had a huuuuuge Christmas shop and overfilled the fridge and cupboards with lots of lovely Marksee’s food:) yum yum yum. We both gained a stone each, horrendous, but clearly well worth it! hehe.

me and kelly wrecked

-Kelly-Leoine and myself, all danced out.

claire christmas tree 07

-Me and our lovely Christmas Tree; Christmas Day 2007.

The 27th saw the launch of the VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Sale! and Hurrah my bag, the bag I’ve been wanting since summer was in the Sale! So with me being at silly work, James went along with Christie and Adam to get in the queue super early, afterall, there was ONE bag left! my nerves were frayed and tensions ran high! BUT they were at the very front of the queue and James darted straight for my bag, and in turn, made a girl cry, HA at her;P

my beaut of a bag!

-My beautiful Vivienne Westwood bag; the first of many;o

Then, finally, on Saturday the 29th December came our trip to Paris; and, a day that has changed the rest of my life, for the better you understand. We had a really romantic wander around the city, initially to familiarise ourselves with our new surroundings. We then went for a beautiful meal in a proper parisian restaurant just off the Champs Ellysee’s. When James asked me what i REALLY wanted to do next, and I said I REALLY wanted to see the Eiffel Tower now it was dark:) So we wandered along, taking in the amazing streets and culture. When we got to the Tour De Eiffel, James looked ‘shifty’, but said he had a ‘dodgy tummy’, and to carry on taking pictures of him underneath the Eiffel Tower… me not noticing that he was indeed ‘biding his time’. He had been checking his watching every couple of seconds and I asked why? He said he was worried about getting back to the hotel, despite it being only 9.55pm! Then at the strike of 10pm, the Eiffel Tower did its special sparkle, I was speechless, then I looked down, James was on bended knee was the most perfect ring ever in his hand. I was gobsmacked to say the VERY least! Though I had gone on about engaging more than enough, I was totally taken aback. I really hadn’t thought he’d propose there and then, but it was the most perfect setting, and the most perfect scenario. JUST US. Just how I’d always imagined. He’d bloody surprised me and I couldnt do anything but grab on to him for our dear lives and cry my eyes out beyond! ha. We most have looked hilarious. So yeah, I am now a very taken lady:)

my ring

-My beautifully perfect Engagement Ring.


-Dayout at Disneyland Paris!

So we went New Years Eve under the Eiffel Tower and on the banks of the Seine, we ended up on a tube halfway across France, and had to walk allllll the way back. Horrendous. Then came back to a very wintery England. BRRRR! But alas, it’s STILL never sodding snowed! depressed beyond!


Not alot happened really, Kelly embarked on her London adventure, sadly:( But not before I did a commissioned Photoshoot for the Jo Anderson Salon in Hexham, with her lovely self and her beau, Peter. I took pictures of each of them individually, and a set of them together for the salon’s Christmas Cards (???!) The pictures are going to be blown up into posters for the graphics on the shop frontage, and for canvasses inside. Additionally, John, the owner, has sent the CD’s to the PR company in Leeds to distribute into notorious Hair Magazines Nationally and possibly Internationally! (woo indeed!!) More images can be seen at http://www.clairebriston.com !


kelly peter and kelly

Peter kelly

Furthermore, into February now, I’ve had several Interviews for very exciting places, places I cant speak about for the time being, not until I hear more at least. But one place I will speak of is my interview for the Topshop Graduate Buyers Scheme! I had a telephone interview after my application being successful. I was then asked for a face-to-face interview at the Assessment Centre there and then on the phone. My interview is on Monday 18th, and I’m rather scared! But it’s very exciting and it would be wonderful to go to the Big Smoke in summer with a job under my belt, and guaranteed cash! good cash at that.

BUT my most exciting adventure this week will be to sodding LONDON FASHION WEEK! I cant believe it, finally, I’ve manage to blag my way in, and I WILL blog about it upon my return. I set off tomorrow evening with Jennifer on the megabus, and I’m staying with Kelly in Shoreditch, so excited! What a place to begin my networking, and my path to the BIG MOVE.

I’ve been writing for a while now, and James is getting irritable, so I’ll leave it here for now and big up where I left tomorrow. I promise more writing from now on, and thats a pledge.

Ms. Judy Pink.

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