Blogging is a girls best friend.

So this is my very first blog in what seems like years. I have been so preoccupied of late! I’ve been to loads of new places, met loads of new faces and had the odd challenge along the way to keep me chipper.

To cut the long story short… I finished up with uni in May, turned 21 in June, went to NEW YORK CITY 3 days later, then graduated a month later, with a very impressive 2:1 in Visual Culture (2 marks off a sodding FIRST!). Over the summer I have slogged my guts in out in the high street fashion haven that is TOPSHOP, had day trips to the seaside, sobbed my heart out to Sex and The City re-runs/got addicted to Q:I, and I’m knackered to say the least! I’ve taken up Photography as a professional hobby and freelanced my way through Newcastle (NB: see, I’ve not had enough time for writing it has to be said sadly, hopefully, after this I will finally get my arse in gear!

Things I’m currently looking forward to are London (in little over a week) and PARIS for the Newest of Years at the end of December! Which begins in 76 days (whos counting?!) Then into next year, we’re very much looking forward to more of the same, but to be based in the big smoke! Very very very exciting!:D |I factually cannot wait to move!

So on that note, I’m going to go ahead and research the latest H&M colloboration hitting stores this November, its no other than the fantastic Roberto Cavalli! There we go, something else to look forward to.

Ms. Judy Pink.

PS – after viewing my previous blogs, I’ve noticed its almost a year to the day since I published my last blog – spooky eh? or maybe not. I realise also that I had not uploaded the rest of my Sunday Sun Fashion articles, these can all be viewed in the “PUBLISHED WORK” section of my website however:) Cheers. JP.

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