Are Designer/Celeb & Highstreet collaborations a thing of the past?

Well, Animal Print certainly is my thing, so fingers crossed the collaboration between Roberto Cavalli and budget conscious highstreet retailer, H&M, will also be right up my street! Although there are little preview images available, I’m still looking forward to the launch into the Newcastle store on November 8th.

Cavalli has designed a range of one-off pieces for Men and Women, the entire range comprising of 25 items for each.
Up until hearing of the collaboration earlier this week, I was beginning to think that the designer/highstreet collaborations were a thing of the past… I was highly disappointed with the Cruz sisters’ Mango collaboration, not only was it rather bland, and somewhat predictable, the price tag left a lot to be desired. Lets face it, Kate Moss’ most recent effort was horrendous; those preppy jumpers and shirts are a definite “no-go” in my book! Admittedly though, I’m thoroughly looking forward to her Winter collection, the I:D Magazine snaps are amazing, she looks uber-sexy! The Christmas collection goes on sale at TOPSHOPS nationwide from October 25th. I really think the latest installment is going to be much more successful, and clearly more attractive than the fall collection:)


What do you think of Ms. Moss’ bleached blonde locks? I personally think she looks stunning, but hey, her hairs almost the same as mine on the promo shots in I:D Magazine, so I’m slightly dubious, the last thing I want are hundreds of Kate Moss wannabe’s actually looking like me. Damn these celebs eh!

Ms. Judy Pink.

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