The Sunday Sun – 01.10.2006

Chic Boutique.

By Claire Briston, The Sunday Sun


This week we stray away from the high street and find ourselves revisiting the treasure trove that is Skirt.

Chic boutique
Left: Nanso jersey dress £78 Tatty Devine owl pendant £45 Amber butterfly pendant £37 Green leather clutch £50, all at Skirt White boots £59.99, Office.
Right: Black slit sleeve evening dress £75, by Modstrom Yellow eel skin shoulder bag £49, Tatty Devine cinderella necklace £45.

This boutique quaintly sits on the beautifully cobbled High Bridge Street in the heart of Newcastle’s cool city centre.

Skirt is quirky and sells unique and special items you’d never find anywhere else. Best of all, there are normally only one or two of each item, so you’ll never look like anyone else! Many are handmade . . . making your purchase feel extra special.

The autumn/winter collection has a very retro 1960’s feel that can be seen in the long, printed mac and jersey dresses we have featured.

The Ivana Helsinki knitted roll-neck top is slightly pricey at £100, but this is a buy you’ll cherish forever, while the top looks like it could have easily fallen from the catwalk.

Evening wear reflects a bygone era. The Nanso sage top and blue skirt are typical of the 1950s. However, it’s the 1940s-style £75 Modstrom black, slit-sleeve dress that steals the show.

Chic boutique
Left: Nanso sage jersey drawstring top £80 Nanso petrol blue skirt £55 Tatty DEvine octopus necklace £36 Navy leather bag £110.
Right: Nanso sage dress with crochet detail £78 Printed mac £105 Nanso large shopper £55 Tatty Devine brooch £30.

Skirt stock a variety of leather and eel-skin handmade handbags, as well as eel-skin clasp purses.

The majority of jewellery is by funky jewellery company, Tatty Devine. Locally, Skirt is the only place to purchase the radical Perspex pieces. Alternatively, you can purchase on-line at

All clothing this week is from Skirtcheck!!, unless otherwise stated.

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One response to “The Sunday Sun – 01.10.2006

  1. Joanna Lonal

    Tatty Devine is so overpriced though. IU’d never pay £30 for a bit of laser cut plastic on a metal chain (not even real gold or silver!), what a rip off. I’d rather stick with LoveBites and Bruises, Lasercutterz or another cutting service and design my own.

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